Frequently Asked Questions for All CPR Training & Classes in Minneapolis, MN

What is the difference between First Aid CPR AED and Basic Life Support Provider training? 
If you are a healthcare student or healthcare employee, you will take a healthcare level CPR training course, also known as Basic Life Support training (BLS).

First Aid CPR AED training is for individuals in fields such as childcare, teaching, manufacturing, construction, etc. Always check with your college or employer if you are unsure what course to take.

What is required for a Blended Learning Course?
Once you register for a CPR training course, we will send out a blended learning letter with a link. Please allow up to four hours to receive the blended learning link, as calling us will delay the process.

BLS Courses: Two hours on average for online learning

First Aid CPR AED Courses: Three hours on average for online learning

What is the difference between American Heart Association (AHA) courses and American Red Cross (ARC) courses in Minneapolis, MN?

Basic Life Support Provider courses are now an equivalent between the two certifying bodies. It is up to you or your college/employer as to which certification they accept.

How long is the certification good for?

All CPR certifications are valid for two years.

What’s the best way to renew my CPR training certification?

If you are renewing your certification, it’s best to take a blended learning course. This involves an online portion, which is completed on your own time before in-class learning, and then an in-person skills class. This ensures you receive updated information on a variety of topics in an effective manner.

When will I get my certification?

We process all certifications once per day after all classes for that day have concluded.

You will receive an email from either the American Red Cross (Training Support) or the American Heart Association (Claim-Your-E-Card).

Who can I contact for help with technical issues for online learning?

For help with technical issues, please contact the American Red Cross Training Support Team at (888) 366-3294, along with CPR4LIFE USA at so we can be notified of the issues.

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