BLS Certification for Medical Professionals

As a medical or healthcare professional or healthcare student in Minneapolis, MN, basic life support (BLS) is a critical part of your profession. Having a BLS certification is essential, but where can you turn to obtain your certification? What is basic life support (BLS) certification? Certification is a program that teaches medical professionals to recognize

CPR Classes; Certifying Your Employees

In the blink of an eye, life can take a dramatic turn. One minute you’re sitting with friends and coworkers, and the next someone next to you is having a heart attack. You could easily find yourself in a situation where you need to know CPR. Fortunately, finding CPR classes in Minneapolis, MN isn’t as

Becoming a CPR Instructor to Save Lives

CPR is a vital step in saving the life of an individual who is suffering from a heart attack, and by becoming a CPR instructor, you can train individuals so they have these crucial life-saving skills. Being an instructor means you’re helping to teach these future heroes. Where can you turn in Minnesota for training?

What is CPR?

CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and it saves lives. When a person suffers a heart attack, they need help as quickly as possible. Having someone close by that can perform CPR can help an individual survive until the EMS arrives. When it comes to learning CPR, where can you turn in Minneapolis, MN for classes?

CPR Classes to Save a Life

Being certified in CPR is an important life skill that gives you the ability to help someone in need regardless of the situation. It also means you can help someone in their greatest time of need and feel confident in your knowledge and skills. Finding CPR classes in Minneapolis, MN, however, can oftentimes be a

BLS Basic Life Support

You’re looking to work in the healthcare field one of the certifications you will need is Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR. This class is important to finishing your certification and ensuring you know all you need to know. Where can you find a BLS class in the Southeast Region of MN? What is BLS? BLS

CPR Classes to Prepare for Every Situation!

Summer is right around the corner in the Rochester, MN area. Summer brings fun in the sun, swimming, parties, and so many other entertaining activities. While thinking about CPR may be the farthest thing from your mind when out and about having fun, what would you do if someone suddenly needed CPR? Would you be