CPR Statistics and Benefits of Onsite Training for Manufacturing and Industrial Companies in Minneapolis, MN

In the U.S., around 436,000 people die from cardiac arrest each year. Globally, there are over 135 million cardiovascular fatalities each year. This makes death by cardiac arrest more likely than colorectal, breast, and prostate cancer, influenza, pneumonia, house fires, gun violence, HIV, and car accident deaths combined. Considering the fact that immediate CPR treatment doubles the likelihood of survival for those suffering from a cardiac arrest, imagine how many of those deaths could be prevented if more people were certified in CPR and AED skills. CPR and first aid training is an invaluable resource for becoming capable of helping anyone around you experiencing a heart attack, cardiac arrest, stroke, gunshot wound, overdose, anaphylactic shock, and many other conditions. CPR4LIFE USA offers complete onsite training for manufacturing and industrial companies in Minneapolis, MN and the Twin Cities region, including CPR/AED, general first aid, severe trauma first aid, and more.

The Benefits of Onsite Training

Our instructors are able to quickly and effectively provide life-saving lessons and certification to your staff onsite, so you can greatly improve the safety of all your employees in the event of an emergency. Onsite training for manufacturing and industrial companies is often more beneficial than virtual or off-site training because your staff can learn in the context of their own workplace.

Learning in the context of their workplace will help employees locate AEDs faster, navigate obstacles, alert coworkers, quickly call 911, and feel more comfortable offering immediate action. This is especially helpful for industrial and manufacturing employees working in places where cardiac arrests are more frequent due to heavy lifting and overexertion or where there are trip and fall hazards, machinery, power tools, and other serious risks.

Some basic CPR stats:

  • CPR treatment doubles or triples the chance of survival for those experiencing cardiac arrest, stroke, or a heart attack.
  • More than 350,000 cardiac arrests occur outside of hospitals in the U.S.
  • Cardiac arrests outside of a hospital occur 73.4% at home, 16.3% in public (including the workplace), and 10.3% in nursing homes.
  • Only 40% of people who have a cardiac arrest receive immediate assistance prior to the arrival of EMS.
  • Only 50% of people are able to quickly locate an AED at work.
  • 10,000 cardiac arrests occur in the workplace in the U.S. each year.
  • For every minute that goes by without CPR, a person having a cardiac arrest is 10% more likely to die.
  • EMS takes around 4 to 10 minutes to reach a person in cardiac arrest.
  • Workplace injuries and deaths cost U.S. companies around $62 billion every year.

The risk of workplace injuries or death can be significantly lowered when a full staff is CPR-certified. To learn more about onsite training for manufacturing and industrial companies in Minneapolis, MN for CPR and more, please contact CPR4LIFE USA today at (507) 369-6422 or info@cpr4lifeusa.com.

Why Choose Onsite Training for Manufacturing and Industrial Companies in Minneapolis, MN?

Manufacturing and industrial workspaces often have multiple physical hazards that could pose a risk to workers. While OSHA regulations have been successfully making workplaces of all kinds safer since their establishment in 1970, there are still occasions when injury or even death can occur due to an occupational incident. Many of these injuries can be treated more quickly when employees have CPR and first aid training. Additionally, there are cases when a workplace death could be prevented if nearby workers had knowledge of CPR and AED treatment. The American Heart Association (AHA) or American Red Cross curriculum comprehensively covers the signs of a heart attack and stroke, the proper response to an industrial accident, first aid for a range of injuries, and more. CPR4LIFE USA provides complete AHA onsite training for manufacturing and industrial companies in Minneapolis, MN and the surrounding metro area. Our onsite training covers basic CPR, first aid, and AED certification.

Onsite training for manufacturing to providing a safe work environment.

Not only are CPR and first aid important skills for injuries and accidents in an industrial setting, but manufacturing employees and workers that physically exert themselves on the job are much more likely to experience cardiac arrest. Onsite training for manufacturing and industrial companies will help ensure your staff is confident enough to react correctly in an emergency situation.

Proper training can help prepare for a multitude of life-threatening situations.

CPR is critical for many industrial and manufacturing spaces. In fact, OSHA regulations require certain workers to be CPR-certified on the job. Logging operations, permit-required confined spaces, and work in electric power generation, transmission, and distribution are all examples of jobs that require CPR certification to meet OSHA rules.

Some of the most dangerous incidents that will require CPR, AED, and first aid treatment on the job include:

  • Cardiac arrest or heart attack from overexertion or pre-existing conditions
  • Electrocution
  • Asphyxiation
  • Burns
  • Heat stroke
  • Hypothermia
  • Choking
  • Stroke
  • Lacerations
  • Anaphylactic reactions
  • Bone breaks
  • Collapsed lungs
  • Head injuries
  • Opioid overdose

Manufacturing settings have become much safer over the years, but there are still clear dangers. There are thousands of occupational injuries and fatalities every year in multiple industrial settings. The more workers have access to CPR and first aid certification, the more these incidents can be treated or prevented.

CPR4LIFE USA provides onsite training on a flexible schedule to help companies certify all their workers through extensive education. Onsite instruction limits the downtime of your production schedule, helps put into context CPR and first aid on the job, and certifies your staff faster than other types of courses. For more information about onsite training for manufacturing and industrial companies in Minneapolis, MN and how it can support your staff if injuries occur, contact CPR4LIFE USA today at (507) 369-6422 or info@cpr4lifeusa.com

CPR in Minneapolis, MN: Blended Learning vs. Hands-On Practice

Thousands of professionals and other citizens are trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) each year. Around 65% of Americans report they have had CPR training at some point, but only around 18% to 20% are current on their training. This number may be changing soon, however, with alternative learning options starting to become available through most training providers. Virtual classroom options mixed with in-person sessions through blended learning will allow more people easy and quick access to valuable lifesaving treatment information and first aid. A recent American Heart Association (AHA) study found that lack of access may be a significant factor in why so few people remain up-to-date on their certification. Blended learning may be the answer to how people can remain certified more easily today. CPR4LIFE USA offers a complete range of courses for various degrees of certification, including in-person and blended learning options. Professionals, students, employers, and other people looking to update their AHA certifications and expand their training for CPR in Minneapolis, MN and the surrounding area can schedule courses with our team of expert instructors.

Minneapolis CPR Classes

We offer several CPR courses, including onsite and workplace training and blended learning. Blended learning courses have in-person and virtual components, and those classes are available for First Aid, CPR, AED, and Basic Life Support (BLS) certification.

Hands-On Courses for CPR

In-person training and skills take place over one session. This is a standard practice for all types of courses, from healthcare BLS to first aid. In-person courses have the benefit of learning with a group and going through the training and practice all at once. If you find that breaking the training and skills practice into two sessions would be detrimental to your learning process, in-person training may be the better option. Additionally, if you are an employer looking to certify your team, attending in-person in one session may be more suitable to your work schedule.

CPR and Blended Learning

With a virtual and in-person component to certification, blended learning is broken down into two sessions. The learning and information part of the course is incorporated into an e-learning system that allows students to virtually access our classes. It allows students to learn at their own pace and potentially absorb information better. After virtual courses and an assessment are finished, students take part in a second session that covers skillsets in person. Blended learning has its advantages. It’s more convenient for some students and creates a standardized training process that supports a higher quality of CPR.

If you are looking to schedule training courses for CPR in Minneapolis, MN, CPR4LIFE USA is an excellent option, with versatile scheduling available for blended and in-person learning. For more information about the classes we offer, the AHA certifications we provide, and how blended learning works, contact us today at (507) 369-6422 or info@cpr4lifeusa.com.

BLS Certification for Medical Professionals

As a medical or healthcare professional or healthcare student in Minneapolis, MN, basic life support (BLS) is a critical part of your profession. Having a BLS certification is essential, but where can you turn to obtain your certification?

What is basic life support (BLS) certification?

Certification is a program that teaches medical professionals to recognize life-threatening emergencies quickly. During the certification process, the participants learn how to give high-quality chest compressions, deliver the quality ventilations, and provide early use of an AED. This course should be taken by students entering into healthcare related college education programs and for those that are entering into or currently working in healthcare related job positions.

The standards and guidelines laid out will ensure that each participant is ready to take on any situation in a medical emergency. You will leave class feeling better prepared to step in to help during a medical emergency and will leave with the knowledge and skills that will help boost your confidence.

In Minneapolis, MN, where can you turn for BLS certification?

Finding a place in Minneapolis, MN to get your certification can feel overwhelming. As a medical professional, you have enough stress in your life; finding and keeping your BLS certification shouldn’t add to it. CPR4LIFE USA is here for the health professionals in Minneapolis, MN to help them achieve and maintain their BLS certification. The instructors at CPR4LIFE USA have undergone the best training to ensure that the best information is included in the course. As a health professional, you can feel confident that you will have all the latest information and will be ready for any situation.

Don’t allow BLS certification to add to your stress. CPR4LIFE USA has the classes and resources to help you with your certification. We pride ourselves on keeping up with the American Red Cross criteria to offer the best certification courses.

Contact CPR4LIFE USA to register for a BLS certification in Minneapolis, MN today!

CPR Classes; Certifying Your Employees

In the blink of an eye, life can take a dramatic turn. One minute you’re sitting with friends and coworkers, and the next someone next to you is having a heart attack. You could easily find yourself in a situation where you need to know CPR. Fortunately, finding CPR classes in Minneapolis, MN isn’t as hard as it sounds.

Knowing CPR should be part of a healthy lifestyle.

Being healthy is important. Exercising, eating right, and leading a healthy lifestyle are all extremely essential. Each of these plays into having a healthy heart and staving off other diseases. But not only do you need to take care of yourself; you also need to know how to protect your family. Knowing lifesaving measures, like CPR, can help ensure that if your family is ever in trouble, you can step in and help.

The American Heart Association offers tools and resources to help you live a heart-healthy life. They offer recipes and suggestions to ensure your diet is the best it can be. They have exercise programs and recommendations for the best exercises to help you maintain a healthy heart and body. Staying healthy can help in an emergency situation to ensure that you can act. The American Heart Association also has CPR class suggestions and resources on why knowing CPR could be critical.

Knowing where to turn for CPR classes is important.

In Minneapolis, MN, you can find CPR classes to help you learn and be prepared. CPR4Life USA is a group that can offer CPR classes to the residents of Minneapolis, MN. We’re also available to conduct onsite and workplace training so business owners can get their employees certified on a schedule that meets their needs. The knowledge that your employees are all certified to respond in an emergency situation reduces the stress of business ownership. The instructors at CPR4Life USA will make sure your employees know exactly what they need to do in an emergency and how to save a life, and after receiving our training, your employees will have American Red Cross CPR certification.

The CPR classes offered by CPR4Life USA are comprehensive and follow the standards established by the American Heart Association, and they meet OSHA requirements. Once your employees have gone through our onsite CPR classes, they will be fully certified for 2 years. CPR4Life USA also offers recertification or renewal CPR classes so employees that have received CPR training can be recertified.

Contact CPR4Life USA to register for a CPR class in Minneapolis, MN today!

Becoming a CPR Instructor to Save Lives

CPR is a vital step in saving the life of an individual who is suffering from a heart attack, and by becoming a CPR instructor, you can train individuals so they have these crucial life-saving skills. Being an instructor means you’re helping to teach these future heroes. Where can you turn in Minnesota for training? CPR4LIFE USA offers the comprehensive training and skills you seek.

Being a CPR instructor is fulfilling work.

Becoming a CPR instructor takes hard work, but it can be exceptionally fulfilling work. You help individuals learn the theory and physical steps behind proper CPR administration. Knowing how to perform CPR correctly can keep someone alive long enough for medical help to arrive. It is important for people to feel confident in their skills, and the skills they learn from their instructor help them to feel that confidence.

The American Red Cross Instructor Course has the resources and guidelines required to help people working to become a CPR instructor. These guidelines and resources will ensure instructors have all the tools they need to be the best instructors possible.

Becoming an instructor isn’t as difficult as it sounds.

If you’re interested in becoming a CPR instructor in Minnesota, just turn to CPR4LIFE USA. At CPR4LIFE USA, we can train you to become the best instructor possible. We’re able to do this because we keep up-to-date with the latest guidelines from the American Red Cross. Becoming an instructor through CPR4LIFE USA isn’t a complicated process, and you will feel confident that you’ve learned what’s needed to help your students provide the crucial and life-saving techniques they need.

Our CPR instructor courses take two days to complete and cover classroom and hands-on training. They include first aid, AED, and CPR training, so you’ll have the freedom and ability to train individuals on several different courses. After completing our instructor course, you’ll have total confidence in your instructional abilities. Contact CPR4LIFE USA to register for a CPR instructor class in Minnesota today!

What is CPR?

CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and it saves lives. When a person suffers a heart attack, they need help as quickly as possible. Having someone close by that can perform CPR can help an individual survive until the EMS arrives. When it comes to learning CPR, where can you turn in Minneapolis, MN for classes?

Why is CPR important?

During the process, blood is forced through the heart to the rest of the body. This allows oxygenated blood to continue to flow through vital organs, which helps a person survive until more advanced help is available. Performing CPR isn’t an easy task and requires that the individual administering have an understanding of the process. Participating in a class in your area will ensure that you’re ready if tragedy strikes.

Understanding how CPR works and when to use it is critical. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers resources to understand the basics. Per the CDC, most situations that require CPR are in the home. Knowing how to perform and being able to recognize the signs and symptoms of a heart attack can save a family member.

Training availability

Finding a place to learn in Minneapolis, MN can feel overwhelming. Everywhere you turn, there are different places claiming to have the classes you need. At CPR4LIFE USA, you can find the exact classes you need to learn. CPR4LIFE USA helps those in the Minneapolis, MN area learn everything they need to know about CPR. From the manual process to using an automatic external defibrillator (AED), you’ll have all the information and training you need to save a life.

Don’t allow yourself to end up in a situation where you can’t help someone in need. Use CPR4LIFE USA to find a local class and prepare yourself with all the knowledge you need. Being prepared is the best defense in an emergency situation.

Contact CPR4LIFE USA to register for a CPR class in Minneapolis, MN today!

CPR Classes to Save a Life

Being certified in CPR is an important life skill that gives you the ability to help someone in need regardless of the situation. It also means you can help someone in their greatest time of need and feel confident in your knowledge and skills. Finding CPR classes in Minneapolis, MN, however, can oftentimes be a daunting task. Where can you turn?

Why are CPR classes important?

In a cardiac emergency situation, there’s limited time to help the person in need. The sooner the individual receives CPR, the higher their chances of survival. Being able to take control of the scene and administer the right CPR care are essential skills that require knowledge and confidence. But knowing how to use those skills and gaining that confidence can feel daunting and troublesome.

The American Heart Association (AHA) has created rules and guidelines on the best practices for administering CPR and life-saving skills. These guidelines are updated regularly to ensure the latest tools and techniques are being used and taught. As science learns more about how the heart works and how to help it recover, changes are made to life-saving procedures. Maintaining your CPR certification and finding the right classes are important.

Where can you find classes?

In Minneapolis, MN, finding CPR classes may feel difficult, but it doesn’t have to be so hard. CPR4 Life MN is the place to turn in Minneapolis, MN for CPR classes. We follow all the latest CPR guidelines passed down by the AHA. You’ll know that when you leave a CPR class put on my CPR4 Life MN, you’ll have all the latest techniques and information.

At CPR4 Life MN, you can go to a CPR4 Life MN location for class, or our trainers can come to you. We will help you to pick the right option that works best for you and/or your employees. Don’t let location be the reason you don’t certify; we’ll make it as easy and convenient as possible.

Contact CPR4 Life MN to register for a CPR class in Minneapolis, MN today!

BLS Basic Life Support

You’re looking to work in the healthcare field one of the certifications you will need is Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR. This class is important to finishing your certification and ensuring you know all you need to know. Where can you find a BLS class in the Southeast Region of MN?

What is BLS?

BLS is a type of care that healthcare providers, first-responders, and public safety professionals give. This care is provided in cardiac arrest, respiratory distress, or an obstructed airway situation. These individuals need additional information on CPR, using automated external defibrillators (AED), and relieving airway obstructions. These individuals can help anyone at any age.

The American Red Cross offers resources that help in the understanding of BLS. To become certified, an individual has to be physically capable and possess great problem-solving and mental skills. These individuals are usually on-scene first and have to offer aid as quickly as possible. It’s important that they know what to do until help can arrive.

Finding BLS Nursing classes in Southeast MN

Finding BLS classes in the Southeast Region of MN may sound difficult, but CPR4LIFE USA is here to help. We offer classes that result in certification through the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association. These certifications are valid for 2years once you successfully pas the course.

At CPR4LIFE USA, we work hard to ensure that these classes and certifications are available to those that live in the Southeast Region of MN. The BLS nursing course is a two-phase course that has blended/classroom learning where the skills and theory are discussed along with a hands-on skills portion to ensure that each student knows how to perform the skills. This can help the students to feel confident in their abilities if/when they ever need to use them.

Contact CPR4LIFE USA to register for a BLS class in Southeast MN today!

CPR Classes to Prepare for Every Situation!

Summer is right around the corner in the Rochester, MN area. Summer brings fun in the sun, swimming, parties, and so many other entertaining activities. While thinking about CPR may be the farthest thing from your mind when out and about having fun, what would you do if someone suddenly needed CPR? Would you be able to respond quickly and effectively? If not, where can you turn in Rochester, MN for CPR classes?

Why are CPR classes important?

Knowing how to perform CPR is an important skill. An emergency can occur at any time. While calling 911 is always important in the event of an emergency, knowing how to assist someone while help is on the way is equally important. CPR saves lives, but sometimes finding a CPR class can be a daunting task. How do you know where to turn? Is there a way to know if a CPR trainer is certified to train CPR?

Taking a class with a certified CPR trainer is vital. Knowing your trainer is certified to teach CPR means you’re getting all the latest information and will be fully prepared if you need to use your skills. You will leave class feeling knowledgeable and confident in your skills to help someone during an emergency situation.

CPR Classes in Rochester, MN

CPR classes for the residents of Rochester, MN aren’t as hard to find as you might think. CPR4 Life MN is here to help all those that live in the Rochester, MN area get the CPR certification and skills they need. Our instructors have undergone extensive training and are certified in CPR instruction. When you complete a CPR class at CPR4 Life MN, you’ll know and feel confident in your skills and knowledge. If the need arises to perform CPR, you’ll know how to stay calm and provide the crucial help required.

CPR can sound scary, and being in a situation where you have to use CPR can be overwhelming. Taking a CPR class will ensure that you’ll know how to respond and not feel overwhelmed. Having a plan and being prepared can help you feel confident no matter what situation presents itself.

For more information or to register for a CPR class in Rochester, MN, please contact CPR4LIFE USA today!