CPR/AED Classes and Emergency Training are a Necessity for Minneapolis, MN Schools

Working for a Minneapolis, MN school means coming into contact with students from all different backgrounds and any number of unique health conditions. Regardless of the age range you work with, knowing how to properly administer CPR or utilize an AED may be life-saving for any of your pupils. CPR4LIFE USA offers accessible and flex-scheduling CPR/AED classes for community and education staff looking to refresh their skills or introduce life-saving techniques into their skillsets.

CPR/AED Classes

While it’s common for districts to introduce explanations of CPR and AEDs into educational staff meetings, there isn’t always time allotted to provide hands-on practical demonstrations. While explanations and slideshows are a great place to start, learning how to provide true life-saving techniques is best practiced with more in-depth emergency training instruction.

Schools are a High-Energy Workplace

Schools tend to be high-energy workplaces where just about anything can happen. The CDC reported that 1.3% of American children had a heart condition in 2016. Depending on the severity of the condition, it’s entirely possible that a child could have such a condition without even knowing it. Adding congenital concerns to the possibilities of drug overdose or injury and ensuring that school instructors have all the tools they need to prevent unnecessary harm is an excellent district-wide goal.

CPR/AED Classes are a Necessity

At CPR4LIFE USA, we offer digital and in-person CPR/AED classes with certified instructors that can walk your staff through the ins and outs of modern life-saving techniques. Our emergency training lessons are also a great opportunity to remind staff where the AEDs on campus are kept and what your particular procedures are in case of an emergency situation.

The Importance of Knowing How to Use CPR/AED

When the unexpected happens at school, a well-prepared staff will be able to stay calm, provide support treatments, and effectively utilize medical technology until paramedics can arrive. No matter the size of your campus and staff, emergency training is paramount to the safety and support of your entire student population.

If you’re a Minneapolis, MN school principal or district administration interested in providing training for your educational staff, the CPR/AED classes taught by CPR4LIFE USA are exactly what you need. Professionals can contact us today at (507) 369-6422 or visit our website to find out more about life-saving classes, technology, emergency training, and beyond.

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